Wedding Engagement Photography

The Little Known Charm of Engagement Photography

A Picture can Capture Infinity

An engagement is the most awaited part of a relationship and is often the defining moment of change in many people’s lives. The happiness that comes from deciding your lifelong commitment to your partner is unparalleled and hence makes a permanent imprint on your memory. This memory undoubtedly stays with a person throughout his life and is a source of joy in times of reminiscence. This is however just one version of the story as experienced by each partner; There is so much more associated with that moment that goes unnoticed and therefore lost forever. It is to permanently capture every aspect of that special occasion, that many couples are now embracing engagement photography as a norm.
 A glimpse of the past

                 Engagement Photos Create Dreams

                           The Spell of Love

It is true that every individual sees the world differently and an opportunity to see another’s perspective is not something one should forego. The professional photographer at D’Galas Photo Studio can capture your life and actions in a way that you could never have imagined to be true. While a wedding is perfectly planned and the elements to be photographed are discussed with the photographer, an engagement photography session is a vivid contrast with that as it is exactly the opposite in every way ; It is spontaneous as the photographer gets to know the couple and at the same time, captures their natural selves. It is fun and relaxing and a good change from the bustle of wedding planning, giving the couples a chance to create more happy memories.

Rewards of Engagement Photography

Trial Run Before The Big Day

There are many more rewarding aspects of engagement photography that tend to go unnoticed; for instance, the couple can chose a location that is close to their heart, which not only allows them to be more comfortable but also gives them a chance to revisit old memories. A meaningful location only adds to the charm of their engagement photography, as it is genuine and significant. The engagement photography session also gives them a chance to become more comfortable in front of the camera before the main event, which is of no less importance. The to-be-bride can also consider this as a trial run of sorts for hair and makeup, thereby checking one item off the extensive to-do list. There is a lot that one can do with the produced images such as making a personal album, framing them on walls and a personal favorite for many, using them for save-the-dates.
Engagement Photography Services

The Resulting Story

The Engagement Photography Tale

Most couples who opt for engagement photography are left spellbound by the story told by the resulting photographs as they get to live the extraordinary tale, every time they set their eyes on them. Documenting moments such as these is a great way to relive them with loved ones, be it now or in the future. It becomes a beautifully depicted testament of a couple’s love for each other, which will remain for the world to see.